• September 1, 2022

Sustainable Seafood: Our Win-Win-Win

Sustainable Seafood: Our Win-Win-Win

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We only offer seafood you can trust. From New Zealand King Ora Salmon, to Fair Trade Wild Blue Mexican Shrimp, to Local Fluke, everything Thomas Preti selects pays respect to the environment. We strictly avoid certain species and catching methods to pay respect to our oceans. If the fish is wild, we are sure to look to the Marine Stewardship Council for guidance, and if the fish is farmed, we turn to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

Most importantly, we lean on like-minded, local purveyors like Lobster Place, “who has thrived through 2 generations of family ownership because of their commitment to being good stewards of our community, our resources, and the environment.” Through Lobster Place we are also able partner with Billion Oyster Project, an organization dedicated to restoring New York Harbor oyster beds and educating young people about the ecology and economy of their marine environment.

Sustainable seafood isn’t just better for the world; from a culinary point of view, it is a superior product. “New Zealand King Salmon have been perfecting sustainable husbandry practices and breeding expertise for a quarter of a century. New Zealand King Salmon’s classical breeding program has produced nine generations of King salmon, creating over 100 distinct salmon families, chosen so that only the finest examples — with the most appealing taste, texture, color, and size — are carried forward to the next generation. Through this program they have created a unique breed, called Ōra King, genetically distinct from any other King salmon found in New Zealand or the world.”

When determining where to source seafood, we also take into consideration the local economic impact of companies. “Del Pacifico Seafoods works in close collaboration with artisanal fishermen and offer them a fair chance to compete in the global seafood market, mostly dominated by industrial fishing. The collaboration between Del Pacifico and these cooperatives has allowed them to promote sustainable fishing practices and to bring the world’s best shrimp to new markets. In 2016 they became the first shrimp company in the world to receive Fair Trade Certification after meeting all requirements relating to labor, trade, and responsible environmental practices.”