You’re not just choosing a menu.

You’re choosing an experience.

People who know caterers choose Thomas Preti for the events that matter. When we promise grilled grouper, that’s precisely what we serve. Grilled perfectly. Served impeccably. We’ve been delighting our clients and their guests for over 30 years. We’ve seen fads come and go. We don’t follow fads. We focus on what really matters. Real food, prepared in surprising and delicious ways. Preti is famous for delivering what we promise, flawlessly.

Catering–or any culinary art for that matter–is not only about the food.

Sure, it’s got to be tasty and inventive. But food also has a higher purpose: it is the catalyst that brings people together. An original take on the classic slider can get two strangers talking. A clever combination of seafood can get them laughing. And if they’ve really enjoyed themselves over dinner, they’ll be buzzing about how much fun they had the morning after the event.

That’s where Thomas Preti plays.