• June 24, 2024

From Wine to Water: Recycling our Corks with RETI Center

From Wine to Water: Recycling our Corks with RETI Center

From Wine to Water: Recycling our Corks with RETI Center 819 1024 Thomas Preti Events to Savor

As we’ve expanded our efforts to make events more sustainable, we’ve repeatedly been wowed by extraordinary people making a difference in creative and unexpected ways. From one such encounter this spring, we’re delighted to share our new partnership with RETI Center, a Brooklyn-based group reimagining our waterfront communities by developing solutions for our changing climate reality.

In New York City alone, we have over 500 miles of coastline. Once a healthy marshland ecosystem, it’s now mostly concrete, steel, and stone. RETI Center, in response to this evolving landscape, creates floating gardens built entirely of salvaged and reclaimed materials that float atop beds of recycled corks. Inspired by lily pads, these installations are helping to reestablish our lost aquatic habitats and their many benefits for the water and the land.

It was our pleasant surprise to learn about this fascinating initiative, and it was instantly apparent that Preti could play a part. From our commissary kitchen to the bars at our events, wine is a key ingredient in catering, and we rack up our fair share of corks along the way. By teaming up with RETI Center, we can now participate in a restorative economy and aid in rehabilitating our local environment.

Not only have we begun collecting our own corks, but we’ve also become an official RETI Center Cork Collection Hub! Don’t know what to do with all those corks you’ve been saving to make a cork board? Have a vase full collecting dust? Bring them over to our commissary in Long Island City and be part of our effort to build these floating gardens for local marine life and birds.

We’re so happy to be participating in this program as part of our sustainability efforts, and we invite you to join us in helping RETI Center collect corks for their floating gardens!