• April 8, 2020

Our Chef’s Homemade Matzo Ball Recipe!

Our Chef’s Homemade Matzo Ball Recipe!

Our Chef’s Homemade Matzo Ball Recipe! 1024 683 Thomas Preti Events to Savor

Just in time for Passover and Easter, our Executive Chef Ron Rando is opening up the Recipe Vault and sharing our Homemade Matzo Ball Recipe! Word on the street is that it’s a combination of past employees’ own recipes, that Chef Ron has combined and perfected for our events. The recipe is below – start today for tomorrow, you won’t be disappointed!

Chef Ron’s Homemade Matzo Balls


Makes 25 matzo balls

9 Eggs

3/4 cup Ice water/seltzer

1/2 cup +1 Tablespoon Melted Chicken Fat

2 cups Matzo Meal

Salt & Pepper to taste


Whisk eggs and ice water/seltzer

Add chicken fat and whisk

Add matzo meal at once and whisk slowly then stir by hand until combined well

Add Salt & Pepper

Refrigerate overnight

Scoop into 2 inch balls and place in a pan or baking dish

Heat up 2 quarts of your favorite chicken stock or broth, to a boil. And pour over the matzo balls.

Cover with a lid or aluminum foil

Don’t touch for 10 mins

Turn and cook 30 mins in a 325 degree oven,

Cool off in liquid.

If serving immediately, place in a bowl, add your broth and garnish with cooked carrots and parsley.