• March 12, 2020

Making Lemonade out of Lemons!

Making Lemonade out of Lemons!

Making Lemonade out of Lemons! 600 800 Thomas Preti Events to Savor

Like most in the industry of bringing people together, we are facing the challenge of providing solutions and offering support to our clients and partners during this time of uncertainty. One thing that is not uncertain is our dedication to our New York City community. Due to a recently postponed event, we found ourselves in the fortunate position of having extra food to donate to City Harvest, and we gladly jumped at the opportunity. This morning, a truck showed up to haul away over 200 pounds of food to share with those in need throughout the city. While we are sad to miss out on doing what we love – partying! – we are so grateful for this opportunity to help others. Our culinary team puts a lot of skill and pride into the food they produce, and we are happy to see that, rather than being wasted, it will be enjoyed.

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While some clients cautiously postpone gatherings, we are standing at the ready to serve those clients who still need us. Because of our extensive precautionary and collaborative measures to ensure health and safety, our workforce remains healthy and up to the challenge of working under these new circumstances. During what is normally the start of our busy season, we now have some extra time on research and development, honing our culinary offerings, and coming up with new and exciting ideas for future events. We are all grateful to be healthy, and to have this time to focus on the self-improvement projects that we can not always find time for. We are all hoping to regain normalcy sometime soon so that we can share all the wonderful ideas that we are working on.

Stay safe and healthy out there!

The Thomas Preti family