• July 17, 2023

Ditching Single-Use Plastics with Cup Zero

Ditching Single-Use Plastics with Cup Zero

Ditching Single-Use Plastics with Cup Zero 1024 683 Thomas Preti Events to Savor

Single-use plastic cups are officially a thing of the past here at Thomas Preti!

Did you know that 15,000 disposable cups are produced and thrown away EVERY SECOND…and less than 5% are ultimately recycled? Thanks to our incredible partners, Cup Zero, we’ve been able to expand our sustainability mission with their full line of infinitely reusable cups, plates, and flatware at our events in both our front- and back-of-house!

Cup Zero makes it easy to ditch single-use cold and hot cups (with lids!) with their full service “reusables” program in New York City. Their offerings include multiple cup sizes with custom branding options, turnkey reuse logistics like collection bins and delivery totes, and they even handle drop off, pickup, and cleaning. And maybe best of all, they’re our neighbor around the corner from our commissary in Long Island City.

Creating a more circular economy

We are happy to share that single-use plastic cups have been cut from our company’s inventory. Our old “disposables” have been replaced with Cup Zero’s elegant and durable cups, which can be custom branded for any event with your mitzvah monogram or corporate logo. This means we can offer our clients a sustainable solution that is more cost effective than rental glassware, making Cup Zero a win-win! This partnership not only allows our team to make a difference, but also includes our clients and their guests in improving the environmental footprint of our events.

For your next event, please ask about Cup Zero and help us continue building the future of sustainable events, one cup at a time.


Eliminating single-use plastic cups at our events