• August 24, 2015

Our Fall Wedding Ideas & Menu Suggestions + Autumn Inspired Sweets By Pastry Chef Paul Nolan

Our Fall Wedding Ideas & Menu Suggestions + Autumn Inspired Sweets By Pastry Chef Paul Nolan

Our Fall Wedding Ideas & Menu Suggestions + Autumn Inspired Sweets By Pastry Chef Paul Nolan 150 150 Thomas Preti Events to Savor

When you think of the fall season, you might start to smell the spicy aroma of apple cider, and taste the rich flavors of pecan pie. Autumn is one of the most gorgeous seasons in New York City, which is why the months of September to November are being considered the “new” wedding season. However, that doesn’t mean that your wedding guests need to be reminded of carving pumpkins and Thanksgiving dinner on your big day! We’ve put together a few of our favorite ideas when it comes to hosting your wedding in the fall.

Plan early, set your budget and stick to it! Especially with these back to school months being the most popular for weddings in recent years, it’s best to do your research as early as possible, so that you can find the wedding style that’s right for you and within a reasonable budget. Start thinking about all of the elements you envision for you wedding. Does it include an outdoor ceremony? If so, this time of year can be tricky with weather, so always have an indoor backup plan. We suggest including a fall themed signature cocktail with ingredients like rosemary and apricot, or for entertainment, something different and really fun, like a live country band.

Once you’ve secured your venue, and your caterer, you can start to talk about the fun stuff, décor! Here at TPC we are all about making it new, and keeping it real. While pumpkins and fall leaves are great, one of the best ways to represent the vibrant colors and lushness of the autumn season is to use fresh herbs and succulents as a base for your décor. Your floral arrangements and bouquets should have bursting colors of deep violet dahlias, magenta thistle, burgundy amaranth, and white calla lilies built on top of succulents and eucalyptus leaves. Simple and elegant touches of burlap, as a table runner, atop Irish navy or white table linens will complete your look.  In moving away from the season’s traditional décor, you might find that adding personal touches to your ceremony and reception will tie your theme together. Set up baskets of colorful flannel blankets for your ceremony or after party, and use real willow tree twigs for roasting or serving s’mores.

When it comes to an autumn menu, you want to give your guests the best foods the season has to offer. Pumpkin is always a crowd favorite.  Our chefs like to incorporate it into our dishes in new and interesting ways, like our Pumpkin Ricotta Flan with smoked duck hash and rosemary maple glace. We also like to use Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto with our Tenderloin of Beef entree, or pair Butternut Squash with Comice Pear for our Goat’s Milk Ricotta Raviolo appetizer. Bringing in a lot of the beautiful fall colors into dishes is another way to incorporate your theme. We serve our Red Wine Braised Beef Short Rib with Sweet Potato and Beet Gnocchi. The orange and red shades of the potato dumplings are a gorgeous compliment to an already delicious entrée.

Pumpkin Ricotta Flan
with smoked duck hash and rosemary maple glace


Roasted Acorn Squash
with winter greens

Sweet Talking with Executive Pastry Chef Paul Nolan

For this harvest season, Chef Paul Nolan is serving up delectable sweet conclusions for any seated dinner! In addition to these autumn treats, we recommend setting up a “Make your own donut bar” for friends and family. Set out old-fashioned Cider Donuts, with all different toppings like muddled raspberries, chunky caramel apple sauce, nutella, orange scented whipped cream and fig jam for your guests to mix and match to satisfy their sweet tooth. Set out flavored hot chocolates with all the fixin’s for a perfect cozy evening!

Flavors of Autumn
carrot & pumpkin custard cake
cinnamon crumble
toasted marshmallow


Cranberry & Citrus Clafouti
gingerbread croutons
pomegranate foam


Chestnut Mousse
vanilla rum sponge
toasted hazelnut cookie