Front Porch Swing Cocktail Recipe

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FRONT PORCH SWING COCKTAIL You need 3 things to enjoy this incredibly delicious drink. Bourbon Homemade Chamomile Honey Syrup A Front Porch Swing Keep batches of your Chamomile Honey Syrup on hand all Spring to get you through the rainy days till Summer – Only 50 days to go! Prepare this drink in a highball glass and visit your local …

TPC Annual Softball Game & Beer Garden Celebration!

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Every July, just before everyone hits the road for Fourth of July weekend, TPC celebrates with an Annual Softball Game and after party at the Beer Garden for all of our employees. The Softball Game tradition comes complete with a Front of House vs. Back of House Rivalry, team names, t-shirts and a whole lot of competition!!!

Foods To Keep You Cool (by Chef Peter)

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Whether we are making a conscious decision or not, our diets change during the summer, and we don’t have to be chefs or nutritionists to figure out that certain foods “agree” with us during the warmer months. Foods that are higher in water content are easier to digest, therefore our bodies work less and keep our heart rate down, keeping …

A Sit Down With Chef Peter: How To Grill Like A Pro + Great Ways To Prepare Your Meats For The Barbecue

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Grilled, broiled, fried, roasted, baked – when it comes to cooking meat everyone has their go-to method. But in the summer, there is no method we love more than barbecuing, and the way you prepare your meats for grilling can make all the difference in flavor and texture. We sat down with our Culinary Concept Chef Peter to get some …

Staff Picks | Favorite Summer BBQ Foods

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Summer and barbecues go together like ice cream and cake. Everyone has their own idea of a perfect barbecue and this topic is hotly debated in our office. Whether it be burgers vs. pulled pork, hot dogs vs. sausages, beer vs. sangria, or s’mores vs. gelato, everyone has their preferences. So we’ve asked around here at TPC to determine our …